Hi, I’m Shannon. Thanks for visiting my site!
Here are some gripping facts about me…

  • I was born in the desert.
  • I Graduated from Northern Arizona Universtiy with a BFA in Graphic Design.
  • I read books about symbols for fun.
  • I know pretty much every Christmas song.
  • When I was a kid I made fake credit cards with card stock and packing tape for fun.
  • When I was a college student I made fake NAU ID’s for my friends who came to visit me
    so they could ride the campus bus with me.
  • I was about to be a Psychology major before I decided on Graphic Design. Dodged that bullet!
  • All of my passwords are different finger combinations instead of real words.
  • One movie that I could watch over and over again forever is “That Thing You Do.” I can’t help it!
  • I love type.
  • When I’m not designing, I’m on the hunt for the most delicious beers in the world.
  • I’m a really hard worker.
  • In 2019 I completely renovated an old RV and now it’s my tiny home!
  • I want to design wonderful things for YOU! What do ya say?
    Contact me at shannon.slocum1@gmail.com